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In US model Railroading, freight is king but one set of passenger rolling stock has been eagerly waiting; the California Zephyr set of Rolling stock by Broadway Limited Imports.

The route of the California Zephyr covered 2,525 miles and took an average of 2 1.2 days to complete. The CB&Q handled the train from Chicago to Denver, Colorado where it was then handed over to the D&RGW. The D&RGW would then handle it until reaching Salt Lake City, Utah where it taken over by the WP for its final leg into San Francisco, California.

* Plastic Construction with Nickel Plating
* Complete detailed interior
* Interior LED lighting
* Tinted windows where applicable
* Working diaphragms
* Lighted drum head
* Prototypical accuracy

The coaches will cost between $64.99 - $69.99 each

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Hi Doug
Great what a wonderfull looking passenger service these must have made for the lucky travellers feel a bit special. Fantistic links to the home site, again many thanks the research and photos links these brighten up a grey "Dreich" Scottish afternoon.
Andrew S
Dreich is the Lallans or a local dialect for grey low skied cold wet miserable day.
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