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Cambrian Coast Express

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On August 21st Steam returned to the Cambrian line
I boarded the Train from Shrewsbury bound For Machynlleth at 07:30 and arrived Finding out the connection was 1 hour 15 mins

BR Standard 4MT Being steamed for her Journey.

And we're off!

The Journey was from Machynlleth to Porthmadog. As we thundered past the Talyllyn Railway a chorus of whistles came from Edward Thomas

We arrived at Porthmadog and I got off and My legs were numb (I like to lean out of the window nearest to the Loco
) And had a Play on the Welsh Highland for 4 Hours

Challinor (I had a footplate Ride on her

Challinor shunting Slate trucks

Gelert, I thought her quite big for 1 foot 11".

And a Hornby Model railway inside the museum.

I wasted 60p on it

A Lovely little 7 1/4" Diesel built By the driver, Bob Washington


Doubleheaded back to Porthmadog

76079 Ready for her journey back

Over Barmouth Bridge.

Picture Circa. 1950
(Or made black and white in photoshop)

The Class 31 that pulled the Coaches away



A Fun day out. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jeorge
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Absolutely fantastic. I know exactly where you were standing when each picture was taken as I know the area from a railway point of view like the back of my hand!

You are steaming through Barmouth in the second picture and crossing the longest timber bridge in Europe in the pictures lower down.

4 hours on the West Highland though at the Portmadoc end! Didn't think that was possible!

The Ffestiniog Railway is at the other end of Portmadoc and you pass the Cadwalader home made ice cream shop on the way!

Portmadoc also has a chip shop (Allports) which has won a national award for its chips. Truely scrumptous!

I travelled the line on many occasions when it was in steam in BR days, even having memories of going up the long dismantled line to Dolgellau. I was a youngster on the last train to go up this line before it closed and we had a party with flags, balloons, trifle and ice cream at the end. It was a fantastic day out although I was too young to appreciate the significance of what was going on at the time, c/o Dr Beeching.

The Cambrian Coast steam excursions just have to be the best steam excursions in the UK.

Happy modelling
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Cod & Chips in Allports - Heaven

Must have seen you in Porthmadog I was standing waving you off.
QUOTE (Bilbo @ 4 Sep 2006, 22:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Cod & Chips in Allports - Heaven

Must have seen you in Porthmadog I was standing waving you off.

Really? Where were you?
On the opposite platform with my Tesco bag !!!
QUOTE (Bilbo @ 5 Sep 2006, 08:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>On the opposite platform with my Tesco bag !!!

Hmm I dont remember you
I was leaning out of the first window. Wearing black
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