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Hiya, im wondering if anyone can help, sorry if its long but wanted to explain properly....

3 years ago we bought our son the hornby james set (thomas and friends hornby) we bought the expansion packs to extend the track to the full track mat layout. Last year we bought more track and added it to the orignal track mat making it slighly bigger. Weve bought more trains and in March we bought a DCC train set and changed over to DCC hoping it would help the prob of trains not running properly.

The trains will run on and off, and will stop on the track until you nudge it along. They are worse at points where they change tracks. Weve cleaned the track with the rubber and put a little bit of solder on some of the connections where we thought they might be loose. The trains wont even go round once without stopping somewhere and its even worse if there going slow.

The track was orignally on polystyrene tiles and scenary all put on so thought maybe the track is moving too much on them (up and down) so took all the track apart and put it flat down on MDF. But its still stopping......

My husband got his test metre on each of the track and it reads 9.8volts all round...

We have james which has the tender and engine and a northern rail DMU train (2 carriage train) which are really bad... the northern rail train was only bought the christmas just gone. We have smaller diesel type engines that work alot better and unsure why the bigger ones are having even more trouble that the smaller ones?

Any help to stop the trains stopping on the track would be greatfully appreciated...

Suz x
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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