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Can I cut the spindle of a rotary switch to length?

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Hello all,

Question's in the title really - I have some rotary switches which I want to put in my control panel. Fixing them in my normal way, there's far too much spindle showing above the panel, even with a knob on the end.

Can I cut the switches to length or will I damage the switch?
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*** Hi James

Yep - cut them. First put the knob on and mark where it comes to - then you will know how much to leave so its rim is just above the panel after cutting.

Thanks Richard yet again - I took delivery of a large number of masterswitches this morning so I'm glad I've finally given you some custom after all the help you've given me!!

What should I cut them with?
With a saw Dear Liza, Dear Liza, Dear Liza. With a saw Dear Liza, Dear Liza, with a saw. :)
A mini hacksaw I should think.
Thanks Poliss - I already knew that, I am paranoid of ruining something though!

So much to learn, although thanks to you lot on here - a lot already learned.
I would clamp the spindle end in a vice and support the pot end so it doesn't fall. I'd also wait until some other give their ideas too. :)
Yes, hold the surplus end in the vice, not the actual switch - this avoids putting mechanical strain on the mechanism while you are cutting the spindle to length. Have a cardboard box, preferably with a bit of foam in, underneath the switch and as close to it as possible so that the switch is caught when the spindle is cut through.

Junior hacksaw is probably the best, or a 24tooth/inch large hacksaw blade. After cutting off the surplus very gently file the rough end of the spindle so that the knob goes on easily. (If you look at the original end of the spindle it will almost certainly have a small chamfer on it.)

John Webb
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