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QUOTE (harkins77 @ 22 Aug 2008, 04:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well I sent him a message early this afternoon and also one before I went to work on nights 210808 and I hadn't recieved a reply to the message I had sent in reply. I'll see when I get home today at 8am if he has replied and I'll let you know what he has to say if he's replied. I would like to know what he has said but the works computer has a lock on it that won't let me check my personal things even when it's serine and peacefull ( we never use the Q word even when at work as it normally sends things nuts).

When the loco arrives back, check to see if it's as you sent it. If it is give him a refund less your postage costs & say you are sorry that the loco didn't meet his expectations. You can always relist the loco.
If you feel the loco has been interfered with in any way refuse to give a refund & report the buyer to E bay. Sometimes mistakes are made by both Sellers & Buyers & the best way is to give a refund if a genuine mistake has been made. Don't leave any feedback at all unless he leaves feedback which slates you in some way.
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