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QUOTE (harkins77 @ 22 Aug 2008, 08:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>First of all can I first apologise if this relates to you.

I listed a Graham Farish loco on fleabay and the loco had been ran for 60mins in both directions to run it in and also lightly oiled like it also says in the instructions.

I had put in the desc that the loco was mint the only thing I missed off the sale was that I had to adjust the back to backs as there was a slight problem with it running on my kato track and once the back to backs were done it ran like a dream.

Now the person who bought it has messaged me back saying they are wanting to return it and wanting a refund because the back to backs are wrong for his layout and in his opinion I have over oiled the loco.

Now with regards to the oiling I never over oil my locos and I only use 1 or 2 drops if the loco actually needs it and in my opinion the fact the back to backs are such a small thing it does not warrant a full refund seeing as it is something that sometimes needs doing if you buy stuff from the dealer.

On the listing I did not say there was a refund policy due to a previous problem I encountered selling stuff on there but I don't think he has realised this.

Can anyone help me with this please as I've never had this kind of problem selling locos before. Is the back to back problems enough to expect a refund?

***This a really hard one to give definitive advice on. Basically Ebay is "you get what you buy" and there is no obligation to accept return of it if it runs at all.

Back to back is a GF setting and if he'd bought the same loco off the dealer shelf it'd be the same...

Oiling: defining this properly is a big headache. Light oiling means almost no oil at all. ie - pick up a bit on the end of a tothpick and apply to the bearing. A good "oiler" is made by cutting the end off the eye of a small sewing needle.

Put the shapr end into a bit of wood or a small cork as a handle. Use the "fork" thats left to pick up the oil - thats as much as should ever be used.

OIL type - sewing machine and similar light machine oils aren't good - they are made to flow everywhere and generally do. You need an oil that is designed to stay where it is put. Lots of previous advice on the forum already re this! Avoid Peco electrolube though - not really good stuff.

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