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can u recommend a retailer/shop

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hey folks,

starting to lay out the tracks for my 1st layout and im going to change all my peco electro-frog points that id bought for fleischmann ones instead to simplify the witing as the fleischmanns have automatic frog polarity switching built in.

who do you folks use and recommend for fleischmann products for a good price. to give you an idea, im going to be needing 34 points and at fleischmanns list prices that equates to about £1190!. so im looking for a discounter!.

ideas please for keenly priced fleischmann stockists - and if your a dealer reading this and interested in doing me a deal - please get in touch! (and if anyones got some fleischmann electro-frgo points they dont need or wanna sell (cheaply lol) then let me know!).
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You could also try Lokshop (


QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 24 Mar 2009, 16:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Wow, you lucky man. I'd love to pop in there in person. I've only dealt with them by mail order. I'd probably be broke if I actually went in there myself.

I couldn't control myself.

No Neil, because you end up buying stuff you cant find easily over the internet and just impulse buy stuff!
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