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can u recommend a retailer/shop

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hey folks,

starting to lay out the tracks for my 1st layout and im going to change all my peco electro-frog points that id bought for fleischmann ones instead to simplify the witing as the fleischmanns have automatic frog polarity switching built in.

who do you folks use and recommend for fleischmann products for a good price. to give you an idea, im going to be needing 34 points and at fleischmanns list prices that equates to about £1190!. so im looking for a discounter!.

ideas please for keenly priced fleischmann stockists - and if your a dealer reading this and interested in doing me a deal - please get in touch! (and if anyones got some fleischmann electro-frgo points they dont need or wanna sell (cheaply lol) then let me know!).
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hi neil,

thx for the recommendation, i just logged onto their website, looking good!. many thx - think i might be placing an order! :)
neil - uv put me in a terrible dilemma now lol - i need 29 fleischmann electro frog points! ... ( about to list my new unused peco electro frogs on ebay to contribute to the £1000+ cost!.) ... im off all this week and was planning to fly to london on sat to go see the ally pally show and maybe buy some of the fleischmann items i need but not many uk retailers seem to carry more than about 4-5 points in stock and im not buying a few from one shop and a few from another and paying postage from lots of different shops - so, with your recommendation of kramm - im thinking of popping over to dusseldorf, spending the night there and making a trip of it and visiting Kramm in person to buy my points!. ... after yr reply i looked up their website and they have everything i need!. and in the eveinging i cud have a few nice german beers in a nice local bar to round off my trip!. ill let u knwo if i do it!
the latest update from my end on this thread is that i found "the hobby hop" in faversham in kent and they sent me my fleischmann items uber-quick and at a great price - even cheaper than Kramm.

so i didnt go to germany and i saved myself the expense of flying to london to go to the ally pally show (id have liked to hav seen it but i wanna work on my layout too and see trains running!)

so with my points from faversham now here and level 1 trackwork eing finished late last nite, i wanna concentrate on starting level 2!.

im going to berlin for easter for 5 nights, and theres a great model shop there, so any bits i still need, ill get from there!. must sit down and go thru that bits still needed list again!.

but for anyone looking for fleischmann things, the hobby shop were great - prices and next day delivery!. highly recommended!.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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