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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 26 Jul 2007, 02:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>We have found that locomotives vary - a lot - even "identical" ones.

If a loco operates as it should with the caps, then fine - leave them in place. If it does not & it is improved without them then leave them out. We have found the Lenz Silver & Gold do not like caps - they often "see" them as a motor short & just sit there flashing the lights ! There are far too many variables for hard & fast rules.

As Andrew says - "Any loco with capacitors fitted for EMC will only have been tested on DC." to which I agree - don't forget, as soon as you modify something (like hard wire a decoder) the CE complience is now effectivly "out of the window" anyway. Interference to radio/TV can be a problem but look at the other electrical "noise" around - mobile phones for one !

Now I'm not too familier with the insides of H & B loco's, but for example all Roco loco's I see with factory fitted decoders do not have caps, but they do have chokes between the decoder outputs & the motor - maybe there is a difference between H & B in this respect.

IMHO we are getting a little too concerned about CE/EMC here - as long as we are not causing a problem to other people why worry. How many people who seem to be concerned about CE/EMC have home made power supplies that would not comply with basic safety, let alone CE/EMC in a month of Sundays ! (Some of the things I see when at exhibitions make me glad I have always declined to carry out Portable Appliance Testing for clubs !). Having said that, to name but 2, I have seen some very well constructed panels (DWB's) & power supplies (Dougs).

I agree, if it works with cap in leave it there. If it does not work, take it out.
After 12yrs operating DCC and many different types of decoders both sound and non sound, all I know is; decoder plus cap = trouble. Take cap out = no trouble so I always remove caps.
After a few bad experiences I always remove all electronic boards in loco's and hard wire all decoders anyway.
Happy DCCing
Ian sa
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