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We may have covered this before however it does seem that there is a lot of confusion over what to do with capacitors fitted to locomotives and other parts of the control grid.

It seems that some manufactures suggest that you can leave them in and others suggest that you can remove them and others are undecided what to do. Locomotives that are "DCC Ready" come with capacitors. Even locomotives that are "DCC Fitted" come with capacitors. Some power clips have capacitors although the "official" ones for use with digital control do not. It is a very confusing picture.

Is there a simple definitive answer or a set of rules?

Happy modelling
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This has been covered.

Snip the caps off.

DCC decoders have suppression built into them.

I have seen a few cases where caps have caused problems with the DCC signal.
DCC ready have capacitors as there is a chance that the loco will be run without a decoder on DC.

If a DCC Fitted/DCC Onboard loco has capacitors, leave them in if the loco works fine. If there is any erratic behaviour or shorting of the command station due to the loco, remove the caps as this could be a cause.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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