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sorry to be so late corrugated materials.........had some success years ago using foil food trays.

These tend to be a bit thicker material than ordinary tin or baco contents first, mind...and wash up carefully so as to preserve flat bottom.

cutting out strips to scale width of corrugated iron sheets.....impress with serrated tool..hacksaw blade, course mill file, or any other source.

stick down as appropriate.....chewed-up or bent edges ok for usual panel damage.

For ultimate weathering/damage..I have seen etchant painted on edges...not sure what the corrugated material was.....but the resultant lacy edge effect looked so like rusted corrugated iron!

I lived on TV dinners for a while, building my not-so-popular tilting NMRA module.....using the foil trays to make rock moulds...impressed with large lump of coal...then filled with runny plaster mix.

whilst thinking NMRA, Keekster's post re weathering powders reminded me of a Convention back in the early 90's....Kegworth, I think, where a modeller gave a seminar on weathering...very hands-on too.
Each member came away with a freebie film canister containing a short strip of sandpaper, a small makeup applicator...[sponge on a stick], and several sticks of artist's chalks (the square section one's)....about an inch of each, black, brown, grey and white.

virtually every freight car in sight got an instant weathering!

That little kit lasted me for ages!
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