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Cardboard Modelling On Barchester

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Some of you will already have seen some of these models but because I am so keen on using card as a modelling medium and think that it a much under rated material I like to spread the word among as many people as possible. Especially the young who may not have so much cash to spend and who would like to see what can be done with very little effort and cost. If any interest is shown then I will continue with various models but if not then that is perfectly understandable and the subject will just fade away.
Enough of the blurb and here is the start of a diesel locomotive washing facility. I am not a scale modeller of prototype material as I like designing my own models once I get a general idea of what's needed.
This first photograph shows that model is going to have two tracks, a layby outside the facility, for interior cleaning, and the main track inside. Here you can see that the card platforms are installed and work has started on the support girders. The short length of track is just there for measurement purposes.

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Hi keekster64
No doubt Bob will advise you further on your building requirements.
But perhaps of interest and may be of some help? In the past and still am using mounting card with Superquick papers. (Brick, stone and tile finishes) I have always used ready mixed wallpaper adhesive. A small tub lasts for ages and is around £2.00 in Wilkinson's stores here in the UK. Having cut the paper to slightly over size, I apply a coating of adhesive to the papers back and then carefully lay the paper over the item to be covered. Any door or window openings are cut with a sharp scalpel and folded into and around to the insides of the openings. Prior to cutting bout door and windows you will find the wallpaper adhesive allows nice amount of slip to let the brick courses be aligned.
After a few hours the paper has dried nicely and gives a firm and smooth finish. Any areas around doors and windows or other places that are oversized can then be carefully trimmed with the scalpel.

I have seen others use Woodworking PVA adhesive which sticks well but I have found that it doesn't offer any slip etc to aid alignment etc

I have never tried office gum! I assume this is the glue that used to be used in schools etc and is a golden colour? Does this allow any slip to correct misalignment?
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Hi Bob.
Couple of Q's for you...
1) What is the corrugated roof made from?? I have tried the corrugated inners from cartons but I can't seem to get the corrugated card to lay flat once it's been soaked to remove the two outer cards (Normally one printed and one brown inner face). So what's yours made of and its secret?

2) I'm trying to roof over a station foot bridge with corrugated card (With little success at the moment!). Your curved corrugated roof is really very nice but shouldn't the corrugations run the other way?? Just thinking of it if it were real and how any rain water would collect in each corrugation and not run off! Though, perhaps I'm looking at it wrong?

Keep up the excellent work, it's charming and also very enlightening on how you make these items.
All the best.
Hi all,
What do you use to make platform canopy valencies? (00 scale) 'Sawtooth' style valencies is what's needed.
I need around 4 mtrs worth! (1 mtr per canopy side times 2 canopies)
Don't fancy cutting all those individual pieces though! Any suggestions to make the process easier?
Have to agree.
Bob, youre a wizard with card and a craft knife.
Can you pm me you skills please
Just briliant.
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