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Censorship of 1933-1945 models?

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Today I picked up a Brawa E95 in a dark grey with the German eagle on the side. I noticed that the Reich's Eagle had a black dot below and was sure that it should be a Swastika. I had a look on wiki and found this page;

So it looks like Brawa are censoring their models by removing the Swastika. Is their some law about this in Germany perhaps? These models are meant to be historical models, why deface the livery of the day, its not as if these models will be misused?

I had a Dinky Stuka as a child and I'm sure that had a Swastika on the tail.
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I suppose something we don't really think about is the shear size of these things and the model represents this really well. I think who ever commissioned it showed a huge amount of courage, and really does need to be congratulated.

I remember when I visited Dachau and on the train from central Munich there were a whole lot of school children making a lot of noise. When we got to Dachau they were already there, and very quiet. Dachau is a quiet sombre place of reflection. A sad indictment of world history, but something that did happened. I suppose that as modellers of trains that we are slightly more aware of the railways roll in it than say what happened in Asia in the 1960's and 1970's.

Personally I think it is a personal choice. I model the DRG 1928 - 1932 so on my layout there is no military connotations at all, but that being said I have never been into tank building. Prieser however do make some really good horse drawn equipment for this period. I do however have a couple of WWII wagons running on my layout. In 1942 the DRG built some heavy duty 6 axel flat wagons to move tanks. I find the wagon fascinating and have a couple on my layout, one transport a bell (for the Dresden cathedral) and an empty one.

While the railway transport to the concentration camps is something I have not researched, as a historic model I think it is well done in terms of the train. My understanding is that the train would have been made up of more landerbahn (flattish roof boxcars) rather than the newer standard built (round roof) boxcars. However, I think that there are too many baggage cars in the train.
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