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Censorship of 1933-1945 models?

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Today I picked up a Brawa E95 in a dark grey with the German eagle on the side. I noticed that the Reich's Eagle had a black dot below and was sure that it should be a Swastika. I had a look on wiki and found this page;

So it looks like Brawa are censoring their models by removing the Swastika. Is their some law about this in Germany perhaps? These models are meant to be historical models, why deface the livery of the day, its not as if these models will be misused?

I had a Dinky Stuka as a child and I'm sure that had a Swastika on the tail.
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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 17 Oct 2008, 05:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I actually saw in a book, a British Indian Air Force Spitfire with a swastika in the squadron insignia. Not just outside the cockpit as recorded kills.

I believe that the Finnish airforce used it. in the non reversed form, on their aircraft - certainly I have seen Spitfires with the marking.

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