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Changing bespoke sounds on DCC

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Hi Guys

I have a couple of diesels that the sound files have not turned out that well, one is the Western Ranger class 52 and the other a 47, both from a well known Loksound agent in the UK.

I am just about to purchase a Lokprogrammer to go with the ECoS controller and with laptop at the ready (which by-the-way is Windows Vista, will the Lokprogrammer still run on Vista? Obviously they only say XP etc in the blurb because Vista was not out then).

Anyway, scenario as follows;

Can you save a bespoke custom file sound before making changes?
Can you replace just the engine sounds and keep the horns, brakes etc?
On the Class 52 I cannot achieve any brake squeal, so wondered if it could be added separately.
If you wanted to make your own recordings and then upload to a function button, would simple recording equipment suffice? I refer specifically to those wonderful station announcements that Richard at DCC concepts included with the Deltic; I have a pal who does station announcements and said he will gladly say what I need while I record; the difficulty is I have little knowledge on converting the recording to usable space (I assume as a WAV file) on the chip via F whatever.

Closing doors, vehicle noise would all be of benefit, if you can play around with a custom file.

Finally, ESU say that with the programmer you can download many steam & diesel sounds for free, and change any spare chips to what you want. I have a SF Kestrel coming and have a couple of spare 3.5 chips, I note that there does seem to be an exact replication of engine sound but if it is the one that includes the station announcement in a non English speaking voice I would want to loose that part, also to replace the foreign 3 tone air horns.

Is anything I have said possible?

Thanks sorry to be a pain, I couldn't find the answers in a search.

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Any purchase of an ESU decoder pre-loaded with UK sounds will not allow changing of the sounds. To change any sounds in the decoder, you will need the original sound project that was loaded in.

ESU sound decoders will only take full projects not individual sounds.

The first task with any 'poor' sound decoder is to check and improve the speaker installation. Make sure it is enclosed and the enclosure is airtight so that sound will not travel from the front to the rear of the cone.

Elliptical speakers are not as good as round ones.

The Lokprogrammer is as good as it's software which is very good indeed.

Managing and using your 'own' sounds is quite easy for steam, a lot less so for diesels.

Audacity is good. I use WavePad from Free to try.

Making your own sound projects is an art. Few master it quickly. I am still on a learning curve but tend to concentrate on steam.
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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 17 Feb 2009, 12:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** Hi David - I agree with the rest of your post but the above bit is simply not correct. Oval speakers are quite capable of being exceptionally good, and in many model train installs, are markedly superior to round speakers.... this applies to the ESU large oval as well as others.

Think back to hi-fi as well - the Kef B139 woofer was a ery famous oval speaker (6x9) and is still sold to this day - it is without doubt an exceptionally nice woofer/loudspeaker!


Hi Richard, nice to cross posts with you again!!

As always,my comments are based on experience. I have yet to find an elliptical speaker that I can get to perform as well as round ones. This includes at least one of the newer enclosed ones, all of which are rather too large for my purposes. True this was a literal bench test but again, as you know, the place that the speaker is placed can affect it's performance greatly.

I appreciate that there have been some remarkable efforts in the Hi Fi world and I am old enough to have heard some of them but again where they are greatly affects their perceived quality and the music that is playing on them, if badly recorded, defeats even the best speaker.

I sincerely believe that the Loksound Micro would be better sold without the speaker that is supplied. I believe that the current lack of any supplied enclosure is less than ideal but I assume that said Micro has been produced as is for a reason that may not include UK (or indeed Oz ) models.

As to small speakers, it is my eternal regret that I cannot safely link an SL74 8 ohm speaker to an ESU chip and, even if I did, it would not perform as well as it does on the virtually unreprogrammable SL chip.

Having said that, I have played with a beautiful 32 ohm speaker that absolutely transformed a Digitrax sound chip performance.
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