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Changing bespoke sounds on DCC

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Hi Guys

I have a couple of diesels that the sound files have not turned out that well, one is the Western Ranger class 52 and the other a 47, both from a well known Loksound agent in the UK.

I am just about to purchase a Lokprogrammer to go with the ECoS controller and with laptop at the ready (which by-the-way is Windows Vista, will the Lokprogrammer still run on Vista? Obviously they only say XP etc in the blurb because Vista was not out then).

Anyway, scenario as follows;

Can you save a bespoke custom file sound before making changes?
Can you replace just the engine sounds and keep the horns, brakes etc?
On the Class 52 I cannot achieve any brake squeal, so wondered if it could be added separately.
If you wanted to make your own recordings and then upload to a function button, would simple recording equipment suffice? I refer specifically to those wonderful station announcements that Richard at DCC concepts included with the Deltic; I have a pal who does station announcements and said he will gladly say what I need while I record; the difficulty is I have little knowledge on converting the recording to usable space (I assume as a WAV file) on the chip via F whatever.

Closing doors, vehicle noise would all be of benefit, if you can play around with a custom file.

Finally, ESU say that with the programmer you can download many steam & diesel sounds for free, and change any spare chips to what you want. I have a SF Kestrel coming and have a couple of spare 3.5 chips, I note that there does seem to be an exact replication of engine sound but if it is the one that includes the station announcement in a non English speaking voice I would want to loose that part, also to replace the foreign 3 tone air horns.

Is anything I have said possible?

Thanks sorry to be a pain, I couldn't find the answers in a search.

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I have purchased an ESU Programmer to use with a Loksound decoder, (from South West Digital) and have connected with Windows 98.

Changing CV's works fine and produces the expected results, but assigning sounds just will not work.

Some sounds like the bell just do not appear, and other sounds like the whistle come out as a faint chuff.

To keep it simple I am simply trying to assign sounds as user sounds, and have downloaded the wave files from esu.

Can anybody advise?

Is there a compatability problem with Windows 98
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