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QUOTE (Piemanlarger @ 14 Jan 2009, 03:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>what exactly is wrong with the 52 and 47?

I have the 52 from SWD and I have to say, while it is very good, I think it could be better, but it is still may favourite loco.
I think the big problem is that the recordings were done on a preserved loco running on a preserved line at preserved line speeds. In reality, in their latter years, 52's were thrashed. Following is a video of a preserved 52 being opened up at Newton Abbott. This is how the SWD should sound. Make sure you use decent speakers and turn your volume up because this video is superb (I have no connection with it, just found it on YouTube):

That is what I would like to achieve with the SWD.
This is what the SWD sounds like (scroll down past my fitting article):

Too much engine idling. Although the instruction sheet says you can achieve full revs from stationary, I have not managed to achieve it. All that seems to happen is that the sound is the same and the loco takes off at an unreallistic speed.
To the other writer, their is braking sound, but it's not automatic as with some other loco sounds (eg the SWD class 50), you have to press a throttle button for it.
Note the noise just as the model starts off and the horn sounds (not sure how to describe it - sounds like a rattling plate to me) - that doesn't appear in the Newton Abbot video and I don't know what it is. It also didn't feature in a cab ride YouTube of Western Ranger which I found. Any ideas ?

I did make these suggestions to SWD, but they said that it is what it is, they can't change it and that the Western Ranger society had approved it - well it certainly sounds like a preserved loco being driven carefully, but that's not the same as on a main line how they really were driven!

Graham Plowman
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