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I had OO many years ago but when I returned to modelling I decided to go for N because it allows scale length trains to operate in a reasonably realistic way in the sort of space I would be likely to have available. I'm interested in the railway as a whole rather than being into incredible levels of detailing on locos/rolling stock, for which a larger scale would be a better choice.

For the modern era many N gauge products are of similar standards to their larger equivalents, and N is only a little behind in its coverage of the key classes. Prices for locos and rolling stock are a little less, though you may end up spending more if you have longer trains! Many models now have lights, and DCC is quite possible though the small decoders are a little more costly and you may have to do a bit more hard-wiring as decoder sockets are nowhere near universal. DCC sound is however not possible, except perhaps in multiple units, and it will probably never be possible to fit a decent speaker in a N gauge loco and still retain useful hauling power.
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