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Chassis for 009 locos (Ibertren 0-4-0) cookoo

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a Ibertren 0-4-0 chassis, otherwise known as a Cookoo chassis. It is discontinued at the present although i have heard someone in the 009 society is potentially manufactureing a replacement that fits with the kits?

Does anyone know about these alternative chassis, or know a source for the originals?
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As far as 009 chassis go you will have to check to see if it will definately fit with the kit but as Dinwiddy said
you can get them from the 7mm association. They are slightly different but will fit most kits with some alteration.
There are four different ones two for steam and two for diesel. Dont quote me on this but i have been told that the two steam ones are the replacement
for the Ibertren Cuckoo and the Bachmann Dock Shunter, The other two just being an 0-4-0 and an 0-6-0 basic chassis for diesel use.
One bonus is that these new chassis have a flywheel on them so technically no more sticking on points etc !!

I have also found that some kits will fit a bachmann N MDT Plymouth Chassis ( about 18.00 - 20.00 Quid ) with a bit of cutting about.
I fitted a Peco Dennis kit with it and it runs really really well. It will also fit in quite a few other kits if you are willing to put the work in to make it fit!

Hope this helps you out.

My 009 Pages are at

If you are interested and any other help you might need please just ask !!
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Also i have just remembered that you might want to have a look at Backwoods Minatures

as they do a chassis for their Bagnall 0-4-0IST kit and this could also be adapted
for a number of other small 009 locomotives.

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