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Chassis Milling

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Hi All,

I am looking for a company that offers chassis milling to provide space on an n gauge loco. there is just enough space for the speaker under the battery box but it is tight i did ask a local enginerring firm but they couldnt help me.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.
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Two bobs worth but I wouldn't let a machine shop near my locos, send it in for a professional install I would suggest as they are used to working on these sort of installs requiring milling as you put it or use a Dremel and have a go yourself. Let us know how you get on.

Lancashire Fusilier is correct have a go if you can yourself, or your other option if n-gauge is to speak to Richard. I have seen a couple of loco's he has done with dcc sound. Unreal!

Cant help you with a Engineering shop in the UK but I disagree with your comments on Engineering workshops. Their are a lot of good workshops out there and some shockers also!
I know a couple of the boys in the club who machine their loco's and just last week I pulled a Class 66 off a CNC Machining centre, it needed some special work done.

It not the problem of holding tolerances but the price that has to be paid.

Try your local model engineering group, someone there may help, you have several in most areas, otherwise I would get one of the DCC suppliers to install.


mike g
Thanks for all your suggeations,
I have got the minicraft drill out to do the chassis, so far it looks like swiss cheese on one half .... lol
Keep you uptodate on it with pics.
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