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chatham show 10/11

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i am going to be attending the chatham show and i was just wondering if anyone else from the forum was making the trip?

small tip for those of you who are, even on a bright sunny day, BRING A JUMPER. it can get very cold in the shade by the sea in those sheds with the wind blowing through! i made this mistake last year and finally thawed out around the following tuesday morning!

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I'll also be going - on Saturday .......

My tip would be to consider taking a good packed lunch that you can eat in the comfort of your car (assuming that you go by car!!). Catering arrangements (long queues and lack of inspiring menu) and seating arrangements (not enough seats for the number of punters) were not upto the high standard of the exhibition as a whole.

Two years ago I took a friend from Japan and we had to pay to get into the Dockyard (as well as into the exibition!!) to get access to a proper cafeteria with some decent food and ambiance..... Last year I complained about the standard of facilities to the stewards (answer: the Club has no control - it's all up to the caterers)....and took my own lunch!!
thats an interesting excuse! who hires tha caterers?? - the club!

well i thought it was a good show but perhaps not as good as previous years. phoenix paints was not there and that was a right pain in the neck as i could buy the transfers but not the paint to go under them!

turnout was fairly low but concidering the football that was not supprising.

catering was the same as last year! did anyone notice that the organisers had much better food than the punters?

there was a good range of layouts. of all standards and regions. most i had seen before but a few new ones.

i will be going back next year.

i spent about £50 which is low for an exhibition. but there was nothing that really grabbed me. i got a pair of lima mk3's for a tenner and another for £7.50. they are going to become a prototypa hst at some point! (i already have the powercars waiting for my attention.)

i forgot my camera so i am afraid i cant post any pictures.

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Spent a liitle more than you, Peter!! £117 with Winco (and saw you chatting to the guys on the MARC stand whilst getting my goodies), £71 with DC Kits (two DVDs and Express Models Cl. 170 DCC lighting kit), £30 with Chalk Garden Rail on a G-Scale Coal Hopper and £75 with LSWR Models and SPV Video for some books!! Hummed and harred about a Hornby Cl.60 Mainline at £60 from Signal Box but kept my plastic in my pocket.......

Did not try the catering.....took my packed lunch, retired to the car, turned on the aircon and had a good lunch in comfort.......
you should have said hello!

i only spent £15 on the DC kits stand. just got a TPO. (i have 5 now. but i still have no royal mail red to paint them with and phoenix wasnt there!!)

"retired to the car, turned on the aircon " an excellent choice my freind!

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