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Chinese manufacturing

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With supermarkets in Britain issuing recalls and rumours of more toys of Chinese origin failing to meet CE requirements it could be a very good holiday season for Hornby and Bachmann as their products could literally be the only toys left on the shelves this Xmas!

It is absolutely absurd to think that Hornby and Bachmann will fall into the same trap as other toy manufacturers who appear to have been lackadasical with CE. Hornby take their CE very seriously and no doubt Bachmann do also.

I do wonder though about some of the American imports into the UK as it does seem on the evidence presented that the Americans have less than rigourous quality control procedures.

Whilst not wishing to sound puritanical it does make me slightly angry that companies take capital advantage of poor CE control procedures for commercial gain and I hope every single one of culprits gets caught and locked up for 20 years!

Happy modelling
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Bachmann have had a "lead free" reassurance on the front page of their websites for a couple of weeks now.

Adherence to CE standards probably comes under the jurisdiction of local authority Trading Standards departments. Whilst I am sure that they all have teams dedicated to checking product compliance, I suspect the volume of goods being traded makes it difficult to catch everything. Even so they still take a lot of product off the shelves each year.

The constant pressure to reduce costs will always lead some manufacturers or sub contractors into the temptation of cutting corners such as the lead content in paint. Those who complain vocifierously about high prices should remember that sometimes these calls will tip suppliers over the edge into taking those short cuts.

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