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Chinese Marklin

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The British don't seem to care where their models are made as long as they are top quality. See the latest Model Rail review where a comparison is made of identical models by different manufacturers with one sourced in Europe and the other in China.

What would be the views of Marklin collectors if Marklin models made in China were of superior quality and finish and with superior detail to the same models formerly made in Germany?

Does "Made in Germany" still have any kudos in this globalised world and does it matter where the model is sourced from if the quality is right and in keeping with the company image?

Chris Leigh in his Model Rail editorial makes reference to models coming from halfway around the world in his editorial about green credential's. He also claims that todays tools are rubbish and last one job. There was a time when a tool was for life but no longer aparently.

Marklin models are considered to be for life. Would they be if they were produced halfway around the world?

And would you be infuenced if model packaging had a carbon footprint code with green being good and red being bad?

Models made in china would probably be red and in Europe green.

Happy modelling
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QUOTE (Ravenser @ 22 May 2007, 09:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nature lovers wishing to see exotic wild life should visit MRF where in the evenings , from the safety of your own computer screen, you can see the trolls gambol in the fields about Margate....

As someone who livws in Margate I feel that remark is both obnoxius and uncalled for. Precisesly what are you saying?


I am still confused as to how a row about Hornby and Bachmann appeared in a thread about Marklin on the HO & International section.


Just a thought to bring this back in the direction of the original topic - ie Marklin.

How much of their financial problem was down to them sponsoring highly expensive paint jobs on real locomotives. Yes I know they then sold models of them but surely this could not have actually helped the financial position. (The same of course can also be applied to Roco).

Please note I am not "having a go" at any manufacturer but attempting to possibly show where some of the problems lay.


QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 24 Sep 2007, 11:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So, by trying to keep our ENGLISH spelling & phases I should be ashamed of my self !
Born in Bristol, England I regard myself proudly as English, even though I have German (shock horror) & Greek back in my family tree

I've got Danish somewhere back in the dim and distant - perhaps I should only buy Heljan products!!

QUOTE (Robert Sands @ 24 Sep 2007, 11:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It is about time somewhat stood up for the UK.

I will stand up for the UK and frequently state I am proud to be English first British second and European third. However when you get people who are scarede to leave home because of ill disciplined louts then I actually feel ashamed. I won't say more on this except why all the graffiti.

QUOTE (Gary @ 24 Sep 2007, 12:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Or is it only the Brits who actually implement the EEC constitution with every other country in Europe giving it the two fingered salute?

Deep breath..... Gary I completelt agree with you.

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