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Chipping Hornby Terrier

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Has anyone managed to get the Smoke Box Door off a Hornby Terrier, without totally destroying it?

The Hornby web site instructions for chipping the Terrier, tell you to put it in the Smoke Box in place of the weight.

I spent a long time trying to ease the Smoke Box Dorr off, in the end I broke it off, It took a lot of effort to remove the 'glued' section as so much glue had been used during manufacture.

On contacting Hornby requesting a replacement Smoke Box Door by email, I got a reply after 2 weeks, saying that they don't have spare Smoke Box Doors or complete bodies. What a situation, the manufacturer has no spare parts!

So I am left with a loco with no Smoke Box Door, with the decoder hanging out.

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i don't have a terrier, but i was under the impression the weight came out from inside the body after it was off the chasis, and not out the glued shut door?? i'm sure this is how some loco's i have seen have the weight installed.
the terrier is an old model.......perhaps why spares such as the door are unavailable..?

try for a bodyshell off ebay?

or.......have a look at the specialist locomotive parts suppliers, to see if anyone has ever done a Terrier door in whitemetal, or somesuch?
QUOTE (alastairq @ 17 Jan 2009, 18:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the terrier is an old model.......perhaps why spares such as the door are unavailable..?

How old ? - AFAIK under EU rules a manufacture must make available spare parts for at least 10 years after products were produced.
i thought it was newish?? released as stepney not that long ago??.......
Try looking at for a link to an alternative (and more realistic) installation technique.


John Russell
Bromsgrove Models

I chipped my Portishead Terrier with a Lenz Mini Silver using the method shown in the Railway Modeller Shows You How - Decoder Installation booklet (about £1-00 I think) and that involves no cutting or drilling or removing weights. Having said that the chip only just fits - you can just get the body back on. Personally I dont like the idea of removing weights to get a chip in unless it is a last resort. Most locos need all the weight they can get and the model's balance may indeed depend on the weight being there.

Sorry to hear about the smokebox door. You may find East Kent Models, Abbiegail's or have bodies but probably not in the livery you want. Hope you get it sorted anyway.

I chickened out despite reading up the articles on the Terrier and Howes of Kidlington are currently fitting mine! Cost UKP 17 plus transponder. Not too bad I think.
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It's no consolation for you, but I put the decoder in the bunker, where it fits very nicely.

I would be surprised if Hornby had individual body parts. As the locos are made in China there's no need to ship individual components back to the UK. Now in the old days when they made them in Margate they'd just take the bit you needed out of stores.

Well I'm blow'ed recieved a small packet from Margate today containing a Smoke Box Door.

Thanks for all the replies, I am going to put the decoder in the bunker, and put the weigth back in the boiler.
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