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Chipping & Much Binding

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Well I'm going into hospital tomorrow for a hip replacement so thought I would bring you up to date on what I've been doing over the past couple of months while I still can.

The 'Model of the Model' is, at last, complete or as least as far as is reasonably viable bearing in mind it is built to 1/5th of N Scale or approximately 1:730. Not even T Scale will run on anything this small. Anyway here are a few sample pictures. There are more in 'My Album' for those that are interested.

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Publication Wood Chair Table Hardwood

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I have also embarked on a complete re-build of my points control panels. These were originally going to be simple stud & probe affairs but, following comments received, I decided to make them all singing, all dancing with switches and bi-colour LEDs to show the setting of each point/route. I have completed the smaller of the two panels which will control the Much Binding side of the layout and thought you might like to see some photos of the finished article.

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I set up a small test rig with a point motor and one of Richard's wonderful Masterswitches to test everything as I went along.

Wood Circuit component Audio equipment Electrical wiring Flooring

While all this has been going on my apartment in Guilin, China has been competed and I now have a railway room just waiting for construction work to start.

Property Wood Floor Flooring Wood stain

Well I think that's about all for this update. I hope to be back on line in a week or two and look forward to catching up on everyone's progress then.

Cheers for now.



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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 21 Oct 2008, 21:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the update & all best for the op'.

Thanks Brian.

Hi Expat .
I like your control panel very much . I hope your op goes well and hope to see you up and about in a week or so .

Best wishes Tony
Hi Trevor

Good work and good luck with your Op

I noticed the ground plan for you room included a Desk and Filing cabinet but missed out on the Fridge

Regards Zmil
***Magic stuff Trevor - I really enjoy seeing the precison of your planning, and I think the "ready for Trevor to start" railway room is something pretty special.

Already PM'ed you re the op, but again, all the best and enjoy your hopefully relaxed recovery period with control panels and soldering Iron in hand!


I'm really jealous of the neatness of all your work. Excellent!

Best wishes for the op and once you return might have the chance to show you my control panel which is at its final stages of assembly. ( I am afraid its no where near yours )

Take care.

good luck with the op. actually you have probably had it by now so that should be i hope it went well.

I am sure your wife will be taking very good care of you.

Looking good - I wish I had those woodworking skills. A bit late to say hope all goes well so I'll finish with I hope the op went smoothly.

Thanks for all your good wishes guys.

I am glad to report that the operation was 100% successful and I am now home for a couple of weeks of recuperation leave. It's been a pretty painful experience and I only actually came off the morphine yesterday though that didn't stop the b****y physiotherapists from having their evil way with me !!!. Now on a cocktail of pain kiling drugs. Hope to get back to my workbench in a few days.

Thanks also for the compliments on my Control Panel. That was just the small one controlling 9 sets of points and 3 electro-magnet uncouplers. The Main Panel has 26 sets of points and 8 electro-magnets so could take a while to complete and test.

Cheers for now,

Welcome home Trevor

Good to hear you are OK Trevor

Physiotherapy is definitely no fun , neither are pain killers

Best of luck with the recovery

Hope you can spend some time on your enjoyable things during your leave

Regards Zmil
Good to hear the op went well Trevor
looking forward to seeing more progress on the room
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Thanks upnick.

Progress on 'The Room' is going to be slow I'm afraid as I don't plan to go back to China until next September and track laying is not due to start until May 2011.

I have, however, sublet the baseboard construction to a friend of my wife's who is in the joinery business and built the base cupboards for me that you can see in the picture. I prepared very detailed drawings of each board and gave him scale models of a couple of the more complicated ones as he's never seen a model railway. However, this is all new to him and we could yet have problems. He is also going to build a mobile work bench for me which I have designed to fit out of sight under the layout when not in use and which can be moved around adjacent to whichever area I happen to be working on. That's the plan anyway.

I hope to get the soldering iron warmed up again in a couple of days but am first going to experiment with installing some different resistors on the Control Panel LEDs as the Red is quite a bit brighter than the Green at the moment and I would like to balance them better.

Changing the subject I am attaching a copy of my latest x-ray showing the new hip joint for those that might be interested. Can't think of how something like this could be applied to railway modelling but it's a neat bit of work anyway.

Rectangle Bioluminescence Window Electric blue Fish

Cheers for now.



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Hi Trevor

If you use a 1K (or up to 10K) variable resistor with alligator clips in the circuit .
Adjust the resistor until you are happy with the result
Take the circuit apart and measure the resistance value of the variable resistor and you will have the right resistance value
for your Red LED's

hope this helps

Regards Zmil
Hi Guys.

Well I have finally completed my main control panel so thought I would post some pictures of it.

It's taken a little longer than I expected as the terminal arrangement on the PB Switches for the scissor crossings had me foxed for a while. It was only when I found out that, unlike the other switches, the 'common' terminal was the end one, not the middle one that suddenly it all fell into place.

This is the top of the panel with just 2 of the switching units powered up to show the route settings for a train from Canal Junction approaching Chipping Station and passing through the scissor crossing. In the background you can just about make out the 1 Masterswitch V2, 2 Masterswitch Pluses and 5 Seep PM1 motors connected up as a testing rig. When the whole panel is connected up and all LEDs are working it will be lit up like a Christmas tree.

This is inside of the panel showing all of the wiring between the switches & LEDs exiting the panel via 6 pin connectors. The sheer amount of wiring in a constricted space makes it look far more complicated than it is but I didn't want to have to make another, larger, box just a new acrylic top for my previous one.

And finally this is the rear of the panel. The 2 pin connectors (Red ID Labels) are for powering the auto-uncoupling electo-magnets to work with the DG couplers I am using. These are operated by the red, sub-miniature push buttons you can see at strategic locations on the top of the panel.

Next task is to make dozens of DG Couplers and fit them to the 80 or so freight wagons I seem to have acquired over the last 10 months.
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***Thats very nice work Trevor - the wiring is excellent and I really like your choice of connectors - robust and very positive in use. Its going to be very impressive when you get the lot connected up and all those LEDs glowing! I like the small TT panel too...very elegant indeed.

Thanks for posting the pictures

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