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Chipping & Much Binding

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Well I'm going into hospital tomorrow for a hip replacement so thought I would bring you up to date on what I've been doing over the past couple of months while I still can.

The 'Model of the Model' is, at last, complete or as least as far as is reasonably viable bearing in mind it is built to 1/5th of N Scale or approximately 1:730. Not even T Scale will run on anything this small. Anyway here are a few sample pictures. There are more in 'My Album' for those that are interested.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Urban design Engineering

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Font

Publication Wood Chair Table Hardwood

Wood Circuit component Electrical wiring Hardware programmer Publication

Wood Font Electronic device Engineering Personal computer hardware

I have also embarked on a complete re-build of my points control panels. These were originally going to be simple stud & probe affairs but, following comments received, I decided to make them all singing, all dancing with switches and bi-colour LEDs to show the setting of each point/route. I have completed the smaller of the two panels which will control the Much Binding side of the layout and thought you might like to see some photos of the finished article.

Circuit component Electronic engineering Audio equipment Electronic component Electrical wiring

Wood Font Recreation Toy Machine

Musical instrument Musical instrument accessory Wood Audio equipment Gas

I set up a small test rig with a point motor and one of Richard's wonderful Masterswitches to test everything as I went along.

Wood Circuit component Audio equipment Electrical wiring Flooring

While all this has been going on my apartment in Guilin, China has been competed and I now have a railway room just waiting for construction work to start.

Property Wood Floor Flooring Wood stain

Well I think that's about all for this update. I hope to be back on line in a week or two and look forward to catching up on everyone's progress then.

Cheers for now.



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WOW Trevor!

Makes mine look like a toy.
Splendid job.

<FX>Feedback scream, "Testing", "Testing", "1", "2"</FX>

followed by "What do you mean this isn't a mixing desk, man? I've got all the mikes hooked up!"

Very nice Trevor and very neat!

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Thanks for your comments guys and thank you Richard for inventing Masterswitches. I don't know how, or even if, I would have achieved this without them.

Positive feedback from such experienced modellers as yourselves is high praise indeed and very much appreciated.

Makes the whole thing worthwhile and is encouragement to strive to maintain the standard I have set myself.
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QUOTE (dwb @ 28 Dec 2008, 17:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}><FX>Feedback scream, "Testing", "Testing", "1", "2"</FX>

followed by "What do you mean this isn't a mixing desk, man? I've got all the mikes hooked up!"

I knew I recognised that type of connector..........I should have spotted it straight away having spent about ten years of my life as a part time roadie cum sound engineer!

QUOTE (BRITHO @ 29 Dec 2008, 14:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I knew I recognised that type of connector..........I should have spotted it straight away having spent about ten years of my life as a part time roadie cum sound engineer!


Could explain why you are deaf in one ear !

I know, you were just waiting for that !

Yeah. Been there, done that and have tinitus to prove it !!!.

Part of my mis-spent youth was as a bass player/vocalist in a rock band. The highlight of that particular career was actually playing at 'The Cavern' though much of the time the booking were at village halls and 'social' clubs around the NW of England. Did play warm-up band for The Who one night though at Shrewsbury Town Hall and Pete Townsend broke my tambourine. Skewered it on the mike and never did pay for it. Should I send him a bill now do you think ?

Happy days though, and no shortage of female company when the gig was over. Say no more !!!
Hi Trevor,

Very neat and tidy wiring of the panel
i see what you mean wire having your work cut out with it but i'm sure once the layout is up and running it will prove to be all worthwhile.
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Have only just seen this one from the link in the current thread. Just wanted to compliment you and say how darned nice that looks

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Hi CFT and thank you for your kind words.

By way of an update to other members who know me I have to report that I had something of a medical crisis a week last Tuesday. My re-surfaced hip has been giving me trouble for some time now and I was still having to take pain killers. Anyway, late on Tuesday night (20th Jan.) I bent down to get a fresh roll of solder from the bottom drawer in a cupboard and there was an almighty crack followed by a scream of agony from your truly. Couldn't get any medical assistance until 8 am the following morning when an X-ray showed that the whole ball of the femur had broken away. Was admitted straight into hospital at that point but it was not until Saturday (24 Jan) that they were able to operate. To cut a long, and painful, story short, I had to have a full hip replacement and have only today been discharged from hospital.

Hey ho. Another 5 weeks convalescence so chance to get some modelling done without the unwelcome interruptions of work. Possibly time to make a start on that viaduct at last.
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***Ouch Trevor - I really feel for you - I'm guessing that the scream of agony was a pretty sincere one!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery with a lot less ongoing pain than the last op gave you!

kindest regards

Many thanks for your kind words Richard.

All initial signs are encouraging as the post-op pain levels have already subsided to the point where a couple of Pandol Extra has them under control. Went for my first 'long' walk today (235 steps, which is twice the length of the corridor outside my apartment) albeit with 2 crutches bearing 75% of the weight from my right leg. Gentle exercise is the order of the day until I have my first physio session next Wednesday.

Hope to get back to my workbench in a few days to make a start on that viaduct. First thing will be to draw and make an accurate cardboard template from which the plywood substructure can cut.
ouch trevor!

still, as you say, you have a viaduct to build!

Best of luck with your recovery.


P.S. please wish your wife a very happy new year.
Best wishes Trevor for a speedy recovery - be sure to take it easy !
Hi Trevor,

All best wishes for a quick recovery ....... hope the viaduct goes well be nice to see some pictures of its progress if you can
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