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After reading the Model Rail (Feb 06) report on the Hornby Class 60, I um'd and ah'd for some time before going for it. Anyway I finally made my decision and bought the Load Haul version. There is plenty of room for a decoder at either end so I went for the standard size Lenz Silver L10331. The factory electronic components and DCC connector block are on a circuit board which is exposed once the body is removed, I could not identify any capacitors to remove. The fitting is one of the easiest I have done so far, the fairly short length of wiring is ideal to reach back and double over to fit in the space below the exhaust and above the rear bogie.

If there is any dificulty at all it is in removal of the body, this has to be lifted straight up from the chassis to avoid damage. There are eight clips (4 each side) all of which need to be released simultaneously. I find the best method to achieve this is with the loco inverted, ease out each side very gently using a slim blade and locate the clip positions, then using eight matchsticks slimmed down to about 1 mm wedges gently insert each one between the body and chassis until all the clips are clear of the contacts. Gently ease the chassis up keeping it square to the body. As always with recent models take care when holding the two parts as the detail bits can be damaged easily. Before reassembling check that the brass lighting contacts are even so that positive contact is made when refitting the body, again make sure this is placed straight down evenly to the chassis.

The loco runs very smoothly on the lens factory settings, the lights work as intended but are very bright, I have not yet tried to see if they can be dimmed via the decoder.

The instructions say that the loco should not be run on tighter than second radius curves, I found it to be a bit noisy even on these, the bogies are prevented from rotating further due to the NEM pockets, these can be removed but this would prevent fitting of the slim line tension lock couplings.

Generally a very satisfactory model from Hornby.

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