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it boils down to a choice first...DC or DCC.

a branch line, of the size you state, in OO, might be a trifle small for operating two locos together?

I'd think low speed control and smoothness is the target to aim for.....DCC does apparently offer smoother low speed control than DC...I have yet to try a back-to-back comparison......but in the end, all depends on how much you wish to spend.

For cheapness, DC is still the better decoders to buy, no expensive initial hit.

However, it does require some thought regarding wiring.

For DC, I don't think the Gaugemaster products can be bettered at present.

I have several lying about.hand held, and fixed....they worked well with old Athearn swithcers, as well as Bachmann pannier tanks, so cannot be too bad...[shunting speeds]

I also have an NCE powercab, which I'm trying to get my head around........having to fork out around another twenty quid just to kit out each loco rather sticks in me craw, but, hey, that's apparently progress for you?
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