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These days going digital seems to be the fashion. My layout is slightly bigger than the one that you are building and when I started it I used conventional analogue control very successfully befor converting to digital.

If you want two locomotives moving simulteaneously, it can be done with conventional analogue control by sectioning the track into different circuits and having two controllers.

Using digital control think of getting a controller that has two knobs, one for each train such as the more expensive Hornby offering.

The question in my mind is, can you operate two locomotives at the same time in such a small space without having accidents ? It's easier on a big layout because there is more time to react to an impending disaster. Even using scale shunting speeds, it doesn't take long to travel six feet so you'll have to be quick on the controls !

Lastly, the Dynamis set from Bachmann is a nice unit but having to use the same joystick to select a loco and then send a command to stop, slow down, or change direction can be a bit of a fiddle. No doubt you could get used to it with practice and have a well run layout, but could your friends when they bring their stuff over for a run ?

Hope this helps, Bob
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