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Choosing stock

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So, how do you go about collecting stock for your railway?

Certainly, era is the first decision to make. I'm doing modern era but its mostly what I like the look of as I fancy a couple of steam locos too.

Is it a case of buying odd locos and rolling stock or having an idea or photo of a prototype in order to model it?

For me its a little of both. My first purchase a Hornby ARC class 59. I am going to buy the new railroad ARC wagons to match the loco. This will be my guinea pig for track testing. My 2nd was the Medite 66 from Hornby but I'm not sure what to use it for. I will be able to run 6 trains on my loops so at the moment I'm planning 2 passenger and 4 freight trains and jotting down various stock lists to compliment locos I want to buy.
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Afraid not - got my ones from Hattons at £6 for a pair.


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