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I have to agree with Chris Leigh's OBSERVATIONS [for that is all they are, and dont pretend to be anything else] re the internet forums.

on far too many issues, I read the posts, then the object of the thread topic...and find great disparity...sometimes as if posters have only read every third word?

I don't think C Leigh 'panders' to any large advertiser.

He merely observes and states the model rialway scene as he see's it..from an experienced viewpoint.

If that involves giving encouragement to Hornby or Bachmann, then so be it.....the observation being, we are ever so lucky as modellers of british prototypes in an odd scale, to have so much excellent trade support.

I would far sooner read a mag that gets its revenue from a large cross section of the trade, than one that is owned by one single manufacturer?

forum anonimity has been thoroughly covered elsewhere, in this forum.

Chris Leigh's contribution to our hobby, and his editorials, have also been covered previously in this forum.

The continued popularity of his magazine, is proof that critics are in the [vociferous] minority.

which sadly seems to be what a lot of forums are all about?

the vociferous minority? Me included!

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QUOTE The magazine is dead! Long live the heavily-moderated-quasi-forum-e-magazine!

ooh, I think not.....somehow the e -mags I have come across, the blogs, the 'how-to's', don't quite hack it as a relaxing read.....sat up in bed of a night, decent hot drink and a fresh issue of Model Rail to peruse...or MRJ.....cannot be beaten by a red-hot laptop fuzzing the backs of one's eyeballs.

The most usual...and possibly the greatest expense, apart from tools, that I buy, to do with model trains, are BOOKS.

I may be a luddite in most folk's eyes....but we are still in relative infancy regarding e-resources, and model railways, I think.....

there is far more resource material in books at present.

Until that information is e-available, then that will be the focus of my attention..paper print!

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QUOTE magazines (or should I say advertisments with some editorial) are another matter.

I keep railway magazines. the reason is simple..they represent a resource of knowledge. I have boxes full of old mags, Model Railroaders, and later sundry US mags....not disposed of because somewhere inside thes publications lies the information I may well seek at a later date. One day I shall go through them to extract any useful info, maybe put it all on disc?

I dispose of others when read..( classic/old motorcycles, old cars, rubbish from the CSMA, etc]

I have yet to find any articles in any of the mags I have bought, to be biased towards one product or another..unless for reasons of fault, [un]suitability or whatever.

I don't believe for one moment that major 'contributors' to advertising budgets have exerted any kind of influence over editorial comment in any of the mags.

However, I AM prepared to accept that manufacturers do have public relations policies that may involve using/being helpful to the modelling press..that is natural.
Magazine content is [percieved] led by the customer/enthusiast...I expect. If more enthusaists are buying Hornby...(or Bachmann) then I expect articles to reflect this.

at one time of day, it was ''how to improve''....although these days, manufacturing perfection has seen a decline in this topic?

I sense the real issue many folk have with mags such as Model Rail, and their editorial content, is that these mags are actually prepared to give the likes of Hornby et al a fair hearing.

what forums do very well, is to suppress this.....unless someone 'stands up' to argue the other side?..[at the risk of vilification?]

I see editorial as a means of promoting discussion or argument within the hobby.

of hiliting aspects which seem to have been overlooked?

Of making folk aware of other sides to the coin?

I have to admit, the reading of articles giving manufcturers a hearing, doesn't appeal......I prefer to read articles specifically about modelling and prototype.

I have no interest in Hornby's plans...or Bachmann's...or anybody's.

Nor do I have particular concerns over shortcomings.....that is the sort of modeller I am......if I don't want/need/like, I don't concern myself with it.

In fact, I would go a far as to say, the current trend towards 'collection', ie relying on the manufacturer to deliver a specific need, has more to do with the press aimed at ''collectors'' than the modelling press?

I wont duck!

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QUOTE Maybe not but probably more a case of the magazines not wanting to upset a major source of their income !

why so?

the manufacturers advertise in publications that have good circulations.

sometimes they even cover ALL the bases?

For example, I have seen Hornby adverts in ALL the mainstream model railway publications.....MRJ being the notable exception...and I can see why.

Upsetting a major financial contributor isn't likely to have an adverse effect.....who is cutting off whose nose to spite their face?

the publication, or the big manufacturer?

Let's face things....the source of the biggest 'clout' lies with the major publications.....especially when compared to the internet.....I can recall many years ago, one major manufacturer getting upset about what a magazine said about their product, and withdrawing their advertising....(in the US, I think)....needless to say the effect was counter-productive to the manufacturer.

As we see regularly, I haven't gone tuetonic.....critiscm CAN be achieved WITHOUT upsetting people.....especially if it is objective.

which is what revues try to achieve?

which may not QUITE fit in with what some people might think.....?

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my collection is so heavy, it prevents the house from taking off!

A major plus-point with Model Rail is the advertising is generally all at the back...I used to dread the Model many adverts, the meat of the mag was often hard to find?

plus, they had an annoying habit of either placing important snippets right in amongst pages of adverts.....or....ended a gripping article 2/3rds of the way through, with a reference to 'cont'd on page onehundred and so and so.....'

plus...sometimes an insignificant advert had a vitally important, rare, prototype photo one has been searching one felt 'compelled' to minutely study these ads, month after month.....just in case?
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