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Tricky one this!!

Knowing my nephews, they would want games for the PC or DS lite or what ever other console they have!
Watching them get electronic stuff and there are no batteries is a nightmare, so for me I would always go for a complete trainset that they can put together and run on the day, gives them something to do for the day as well.
I know they don't have huge amounts of room, so if I was to try and get them into the hobby, it would need to be a N-gauge trainset.
I would also include a baseboard, just a sheet of plywood cut to suit the size of the trainset layout, they could use this and it wouldn't then need to be broken down when not being used just stored under their bed.

It's what I would of liked, and you could also let other friends & family know what you intend buying them so that they can buy rolling stock or scenery as well, would make buying presents easy for everyone.

The big thing is, you would really need to know if they would be interested before hand.
I know my nephews wouldn't be, having seen them look and control my layouts and watch the sound chipped locos running( they would sooner turn on the PC and it warcraft the online game?) so I wouldn't even think of buying them anything model train related as it would be completely wasted.

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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