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Chuffin' 'eck

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Hi Guys

I'll try to keep this brief, I visted my brother at the weekend and he and his son have built a 12x5 oo gauge in the top room of his house and it got me thinking, i'm having central heating fitted in my house which means the cold water tank in the loft will be removed, now........................i wonder if you can guess where i'm going with this ???

My first question is, where is my nearest stockist/shop I can go to and look at products rather than look on the web ??
I live in Bracknell and work at Heathrow, and ideas gratefully received.

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For london its actually pretty difficult. if you fancy a trip on the tube there is the engine shed at leytonstone. then right at the top of the central line there is victors near debden. It says its a 5 minute walk but actually i think its nearer 15 but still no big deal.

For UK stuff and bits and bobs I would recommend the engine shed. For continental stuff then victors are your best bet. if you need anything servicing of a browse through my library for inspiration then I am right next to kings cross.

There used to be harrow models but they bit the dust.

Make sure you ring in advance as they occasionally have inpromptu opening hours!

Hope this is of help.

Try Howes of Oxford, that's not too far from you as I recall.


Thanks for the info guys, I used to go to the Harrow shop years ago, shame it's gone
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I would recommend "Alton Model Shop" in Alton, Hampshire. They now open on Sundays. Berkshire is a bit of a desert for model shops.

ah, that'll be a good stop off when I go out for a ride on the bike on a sunday, loverly road the A31.
>ah, that'll be a good stop off when I go out for a ride on the bike on a sunday, loverly road the A31.
If that's a powered bike rather than the "manual" variety, I presume you are also familiar with the Alton - Basingstoke road too. It is a pleasant drive, but it is evident from the signs that some people abuse it to their own cost.

I think your referring to the A33, which I haven't done yet, but sounds like it could be what i'm looking for a nice sunday ride. And yes, it is a powered bike, been riding for about 10 years and i've just bought and old GSXR600 - 1999 - which i can't wait to get out on this year !

I found the website for Alton, and also another shop in Reading on the oxford road but I think it may be more of an R/C shop !?
>I think your referring to the A33
No, I mean the A339 - I just checked on Multi-map. The A339 is not a road for seeing how fast you can go, though judging by the signs some people try.

>Reading on the oxford road
I've never been there, so I can't comment. I would have thought there was room for a decent model shop in Reading since the closure of Beatties and Eames many years before that.

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