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Circa 1984 Engines - DCC

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I have a collection of some seven engines ranging from a Class 08 (0-6-0 BR Green) to a A4 Mallard (BR Green). Can any one advise me if it is possible to convert these circa 1984 engines to DCC. I have spoken to one or two retailers and all they do is tell me I will have to buy new DCC ready units.

Also, can anyone recommend good enthusiastic dealer who know's their stuff. I reside in South Yorkshire but am prpared to travel within reason.
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Hello and welcome to the forum

I'm not sure about the locos you have mentioned
But it is certainly possible to Convert older DC locomotives to DCC
The oldest Loco I have done dates back to 1959 and it works great on DCC

One of the Forum members will point you in the right direction for your particular Locos
if you what to do the conversion yourself. If you use TCS decoders there is a goof proof replacement warranty

If you do not want to have a go yourself there are some retailers and model shops that do do installations.

Hope this helps

Keep an eye open for other posts

Also read the DCC Help pages for an over view of a DCC installation Here

Regards Zmil
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I would speak to chris at Digitrains in Digby, lincolnshire as they do a good service in decoders and will be able to tell you the way to go, or they may do them for you. Living in south yorkshire you may not be to far to pay them a visit. The main thing that you have to do is make sure the motor bushes are insulated from the frames ansd have no contact with any side of the pickups.

I have not heard of any loco that cannot be converted, but they do need to run well on DC to get the benefit of DCC.


mike g, no connection to digitrains just a very satisfied customer.
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