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Frankly, I don't think that an outside framed 4-4-0 makes a good first model and you are unlikely to be satisfied with the result for the following reasons:

You need to fit new driving wheels such as Romfords with extended axles to pass through the outside frames.

Presumably you have got some brass wheel bearings to fit in the plastic inside frames. Frankly I would not attempt to build it without a new brass chassis. Then when you have a working chassis, if you get that far, you will find that the loco will not have much traction because it is not heavy enough so you will need more weight over the driving wheels. The front bogie will keep on derailing as well because you will not be able to keep it square and again it is desperately light.

If you want to build a first loco, it should be a simple 0-6-0 tank or tender engine. There are lots to choose from. I started with a bodyline J50 on a Hornby Dublo chassis and then, years later, I built the Craftsman A5.

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