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Hi. I have a 2-car Trix set comprising the 2x Driving Motor Composite cars and would like to make the set up to a prototypical 6-car set, using the Trix-based 4x centre cars. I particularly want to use the Trix centre cars as the Trix set is built to 3.8mm scale and the use of 00 gauge centre cars will result in an 'out of scale' end product.

According to the Railcar Association website, the cars that I need to make the set up to 6 are:
2x Motor Brake Second Lav
1x Trailer First Buffet Lav
1x Trailer Second. Lav

I am aware that when run alongside 00 gauge stock, the scale will look 'odd', but I reckon that if the whole 6-car set is to one scale, then at least it won't look quite so 'wrong' as a part 3.8mm and part 00 set!

The set will be run as originally delivered from Swindon ie. in NER Green and I am quite prepared to consider taking on cars that need some TLC to bring them up to scratch. I'll even consider re-painting / detailing.

Where can I find the centre cars from the original set?
Where can I find a complete original set?
Where can I find Trix Mk1s that could be re-painted / detailed to complete the 6-car set?

Any assistance / recommendations would be greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.

Graham Machin
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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