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Class 08 info requested

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I am new to model railways and have just bought my first loco a network southeast class 08 by Bachmann, can anyone tell me what the holes in the buffer beams are for ? are there any detail bits available to fill these.
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I got a Bachmann 08 recently but I have fitted any of the detail parts yet. There's usually a bag of bits in the box. Does this not have stuff for the holes - hose type stuff?

Thanks for the reply, No there wasn't any other parts included, any idea what should be in the bag?
QUOTE No there wasn't any other parts included, any idea what should be in the bag?

I've just checked. I think I've misled you. All that's in mine are some steps. I guess I am too used to the large quantities of stuff that comes with steam loco models. The fact that I concentrate on steam also means that I am not familiar with companies which do detail addons for diesels. The only "extra" I can point you at is the revised coupling rod and balance weight etching set available from Brassmasters

If you are referring to the upside down tee slots in the buffer beams, then these are the lifting points provided for lifting the loco during wheel/ motor changes in the fullsize loco. Strange as it might seem, until the Bachmann / Hornby models came along no one had ever modelled them before, even the etched chassis kits available at one time didn't have the lifting holes etched out which meant a lot of drilling, sawing and filing to get the buffer beams or plank correct.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info Wayne, the reason for the slots and the angle they are at now makes sense, I have reference photos showing them but never knew what they were for.
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