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im modelling a layout around the first few years of the 1970's (1972ish)

All my models are Pre TOPS numbers. For variety im intergrating blue livery with green to reflect the transition period.

Ive just bought a Bachmann class 20, rail blue with the BR logo under the cab and a "D" prefix number.

For realism im going to buy another 20 to make a pair and "modify" it to reflect the period. For variety I would like a green one.

What im searching for (if it ever existed!) was a class 20 as follows:

BR green livery with full yellow ends

The number made up of old style numbers with the "D" prefix erased


even better as above but with the newer style white numbers minus the D prefix and blue TOPs data panels applied.

Ive looked everywhere trying to find a photo as a reference; I cant find one anywhere. Im not sure if this style even existed as the later 20s were delivered in rail blue anyway. But if there was such a livery variation id like to try and create it hopefully using a photo as reference.

Can anybody help??

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Hi JC, appreciate this is an old Q but I'm new here. Pretty sure the style(s) you mention did happen, if you are still seeking this info I'll do some digging

NB I take it the loco you're wanting to renumber is a headcode-panel type?
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