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Class 37 Wars!

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Model Rail magazine have signalled that they will no longer be tolerant towards new models which they consider do not come up to scratch.

In a comparison between the Bachmann and ViTrains Class 37's the ViTrains scores a lowly 5/10 for value for money and body shape with Bachmann scoring 9/10 on both counts.

On build quality ViTrains scores 6/10 and Bachmann 9/10.

The only area where the ViTrains model comes close is on Decoration where it scores 7/10 to Bachmann's 8/10.

Overall Bachmann gets 52/60 and ViTrains 36/60.

In the Model Rail news section ViTrains have stated that their next models will feature several improvements to fit and finish in response to customer requests.

With the Bachmann example being just an extra £5 and with a detailed fan assembly and opening doors and a body shape that meets with the approval of hardened Class 37 fanatics it does seem that ViTrains may have to do more than minor improvements to fit and finish to catch up with Bachmann. ViTrains do have a European production facility and whilst this may be a factor in the decision making process for a lot of people it stands for nothing with the folk at Model Rail magazine who simply look at models and make comparisons on their technical merits.

If future models from any company do not come up to scratch then submit them for a Model Rail review at your peril!

Happy modelling

PS The Class 37 has been a significant model for Hornby over the last 40-45 years in the way that the Class 08 has been. It would not surprise me at all if Hornby entered the Class 37 wars with a brand new super detailed model in 2008/09.
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QUOTE (ozwarrior @ 22 May 2007, 02:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Have any of the reviews done a haulage comparison?
It would be interesting to see weight alone pitted against weight plus traction tyres!

I was flicking through the current issue of Modern Railway Modelling yesterday. They tested the haulage capacity of the Vi Trians 37, and found that it significantly outperforms the Hornby 60. This is said to be because the Vi Trains has traction tyres, almost as if that were cheating in someway!

I make a point of not buying MRM ever since the reviewer of the Heljan Western said he could not bare to have one on his layout.
I like the Western, I understand it's technical shortcomings on the cab roof, but without a review I would never have known, and I regard it as a quality model.
For that matter, I am more than happy with my Bachmann 37/4 MK1 Loch Rannoch. At the time, remember this was released before the Hornby 50, it was the first british outline diesel I'd seen with decent lighting (at least when going forwards, and I was captivated.

I bought a Vi Trains 37 yesterday, the green one 'Caerphilly Castle'. To me it is a quality model, and I collect Marklin and Roco too. It's only obvious letdown are the light grey plastic sprung buffers, but they'll get there, and it's not Chinese!

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Hi Alistair

I bought the Transrail one today, and it's cabs light up at both ends at the same time.

This is the case on straight DC or with DCC. With DCC the head and taillights come on with F0, and the cab lights come on with F1.
It would have been perfect if you could use 2 function keys to switch on the cab lights individually, but at least you can control them seperately from the main lighting.

Hopefully yours just has a loose connection inside, I have yet to open mine up, as I only got it at a show this afternoon. I was going to wait for the sound version, but I was just too tempted to have the cab lightinmg and opening doors!

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