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QUOTE (Gary @ 22 May 2007, 20:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have read the editorial in Hornby Magazine regarding the ViTrains Class 37 ..... It should be compared to the models of 10 years ago and not the very latest 3rd or 4th generation example from Bachmann. And in this respect it is a huge leap forward.
If I read you correctly; you're saying the ViTrains Class 37 meets the standards of 10 years ago.......and that's a "huge leap forward" ????????????

Really Gary, that's Bizarre !

QUOTE (Gary @ 22 May 2007, 20:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am inclined to agree that things have been blown up out of all proportion and the reality is the Bachmann loco is priced competively because it does have competition!
That was the price of a Bachmann Class 37 before there was any competition. Usually £53 to £58.
Bachmann have not lowered their prices.

Competition works in other ways too, and not always to the benefit of the consumer; for example: the ViTrains Class 37 is positioned just under the current Bachmann price point to extract the maximum price from the consumer whilst appearing cheaper (which it is...just).
What could they have sold them for?
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