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Class 37 Wars!

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Model Rail magazine have signalled that they will no longer be tolerant towards new models which they consider do not come up to scratch.

In a comparison between the Bachmann and ViTrains Class 37's the ViTrains scores a lowly 5/10 for value for money and body shape with Bachmann scoring 9/10 on both counts.

On build quality ViTrains scores 6/10 and Bachmann 9/10.

The only area where the ViTrains model comes close is on Decoration where it scores 7/10 to Bachmann's 8/10.

Overall Bachmann gets 52/60 and ViTrains 36/60.

In the Model Rail news section ViTrains have stated that their next models will feature several improvements to fit and finish in response to customer requests.

With the Bachmann example being just an extra £5 and with a detailed fan assembly and opening doors and a body shape that meets with the approval of hardened Class 37 fanatics it does seem that ViTrains may have to do more than minor improvements to fit and finish to catch up with Bachmann. ViTrains do have a European production facility and whilst this may be a factor in the decision making process for a lot of people it stands for nothing with the folk at Model Rail magazine who simply look at models and make comparisons on their technical merits.

If future models from any company do not come up to scratch then submit them for a Model Rail review at your peril!

Happy modelling

PS The Class 37 has been a significant model for Hornby over the last 40-45 years in the way that the Class 08 has been. It would not surprise me at all if Hornby entered the Class 37 wars with a brand new super detailed model in 2008/09.
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QUOTE as for 37 models, i must be the only one fed up with seeing so many on the market.
same goes for A4's etc, bachmann, hornby are just copying each other like spoilt kids.

wish they would wake up and do something not made before, ie; Class J70 or an S&D 7f loco

Or Desiro, cl 86, J69, ROD, 153, 105, 104, cl 87 , K1, MR 2F......

Its easy when you try. Just ask Heljan...
QUOTE all reminds me of the hoo haaa on the US scene years ago......actually, nobody seemed to mind for years that Athearn's Jeeps had a carbody which was too wide.....they apparently did the job, hit the button, so sold like hot cakes.....

One does wonder why Rail Express has waged a campaign against Bachmann's 37s for years , as if the Mk1 version was some kind of crime against humanity rather than a major improvement on the old Lima one.

There was World War 3 over the Heljan "tubbyduff" when it came out and it was discovered to be too wide because Heljan had confused the width over handrails with the width over the cabsides. (I think REx were in on that fight as well) Perhaps the only positive thing that came out of that episode was went two intrepid souls went out and measured 2 real cl47s standing next to each other , only to discover that the width of the two real and nominally identical locos differed by an inch and a half!

Back in the real world everyone found they ran superbly , hauled masses, had lights , DCC sockets and were significantly better tooled than the Lima version

The long and the short of it is that the Hornby 60, Heljan 47 , and both the Bachmann and Vi-Trains 37s are an order of magnitude better than the Lima and Hornby 37s, 47s and 60 of a decade or so ago . Especially mechanically

For the record Nigel Burkin's comments are not strictly about haulage - they quote drawbar pull in grammes. What that translates into in terms of vehicles on the track , isn't stated. The reality is that any new generation centre drive diesel is going to pull anything you ask of it on the flat with ease, and a good deal more than most folks layouts can ever accommodate. Anyone actually found the haulage limit of a new generation Type 4 or Type 5?

I just wish someone would give us a decent new electric of which the same could be said. An 86 from Vi-Trains would be a great deal better recieved than a 47 duplicating Bachmann's forthcoming model (I've seen the 57 shift a 12' long train and it wasn't even looking like it was near its limit)

Personally I'm ducking all the 37 politics - I don't strictly need one , I'm a lazy cheapskate and as I've had an Athearn chassis, some Alexander sideframes, an old Hornby body and all the bits sitting in the cupboard for several years , I'll be keeping my hand in my pocket and doing a scrapbox 37 in due course. If I were disposed to shell out for a new one, I'd probably spend an extra fiver or so and go for the new Bachmann one , as it seems to offer a significantly better result than the small differential in price. There's also the minor factor that Vi-Trains don't seem to be doing 2 tone Sector grey , and by all accounts removing the printed numbers to renumber is a bit awkward

But the big picture is that they are both radically better than what we had 10 years ago
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The nose of the Vi-Trains is a seperate moulding so presumably they could develop a split box or unrefurbished 37 nose at modest cost
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