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I hate to be miserable about this, but on another forum I visit, the ordure hit the fan after people were scanning material and linking into pictures inside other websites. I consulted a librarian (my wife) who thinks we might be able do this provided we give full attribution of the source for limited use like this. For instance, if the author, title and publisher of the book with the 04 shunter data were given, it might be OK. It seems to me that in effect, Peter was simply lending out his copy of the book to an individual, letting the rest of us take a peek at it too, but perhaps the fact that is being published on a public forum is a different matter.

One benefit of giving more source information is that some of us might be motivated to buy the book (as if my addiction needed any more feeding...)

Maybe a moderator has more wisdom and guidelines to offer?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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