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I have a very annoying problem, which I would like some suggestions on.

I have a Hornby DCC sound Class 60 that every time it turns into a radius 1 or 2 curve derailes the Open Mineral wagons it's pulling.

All I think it can be is the tension lock couplings, the 60 has the narrow ones and the wagons have the full size older style.

as it enter the curve it seems to flick the first wagon side ways.

any suggestions? the is not the option to swap the wagon couplings with out a knife and glue.

I am swapping to kadee slowly but have not worked out yet how to get them onto the 60 and it has a funny L shapped NEM style socket bracket so is at the wrong hight.

All ideas welcome..

Cpt jack

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Removing the hook from the full size wagon coupler often helps. This is a fully reversible operation with most designs of Hornby's full size coupler.

As for the close coupling mechanism that Hornby use on these diesels, and also their coaches. It really needs a rigid bar to make the mechanism work to its' full potential. The coupler Hornby sell as R8220 (variant on the Roco pattern) works in this way, but requires NEM pockets on both vehicles to be coupled.

If planning on using Kadee, you can put any of numbers 17 to 20 in the NEM pocket. But it would be more effective to remove the mechanism and to make a DIY mounting, either rigid under the bufferbeam, or on a plate glued to the bogie base, for a standard no 5.
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