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QUOTE (5696Arethusa @ 19 Dec 2007, 19:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>With Hejan having a seemingly successful prototype modelled, I've been thinking, (Yes it did hurt) what is the smallest class size and shortest lived class to have been produced RTR and therefore what may be considered in the future?

The smallest RTR diesel I can think of off the top of my head would be Hornbys class 29 with only 20 being built and as far as I know 2 liveries worn. I like these locos and have one on my layout so I think I would go for a "Bells & Whistles" versoin if anyone was to produce a new one.

On the steam front I can't think of a smaller class having been produced than the Princess Royals with only 12 (not counting the Turbomotive) though this class has the benifit of long service, toplink duties and a wealth of liveries.

***As a prototype of note in the diesels I'd have to say LMS10000 and 10001 would be ideal - first mainline diesel to take a named train regularly (I think) taking Euston to Carlisle trains and also often out of St Pancras .... Often run as a pair so H or B can sell twin packs as well as each of them, lots of character and a big loco to boot so would appeal to many. They even ran together with one in LMS and one in BR loco/black livery.

Liveries include LMS, Early BR on black and BR green. They ran over a wide part of the LMS and LMR regions and did service on the Southern out of Nine Elms 1953 to 1955 and then wandered again.

Much of their EE running gear formed the basis for the class 40 and 50 so they have a historical edge too....

As for Steam....

I still want an outside frame Kirtley - full of character with lots of possible detail variants and several livery possibilities from Midland Gren, midland Lake, LMS, Br etc etc... Ran almost everywhere from pre-grouping until well into BR days - even exported and also used by the WD in WW1.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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