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Having just bought a rather nice autocoach on e-bay I have decided to close couple it to my GWR 14xx. (permanently if neccessary) The question is how to go about it. I don't want to charge in cutting couplings etc before I've had other opinions
We are talking N gauge.
Many thanks

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Changing couplings will only help so far, assuming you have NEM sockets anyway. If the coach and locomotive don't have proper a proper kinetmatic close-coupling mechanism then plastic surgery is necessary! It is probably best to slice the old mechanism off and either use a fixed one of your choice (might as well go prototypical in this case) set to tollerate the tightest radii you have or invest in a special glue-on swinging mechanism which I think Fleischmann do, and also Tillig (for TT scale but works just as well!)...although it depends how much space you have underneath the coach. Perhaps a bogie transplant could help if autocoaches have bogies? (Sorry if this last idea sounds abhorrent in terms of accuracy.) ...although N gauge is perhaps not reknowned for this anyway!
Those poor laughed at Rapidos have done a good job for many years though...and with a proper kinematic close-coupling mechanism you can hardly see them!

People are often mistaken here - they dislike the Rapido only when the gap is large due to a medieval mechanism of attachment to the coaches of the couplers, when they can see it. However, out of sight with a small/no gap then out of mind...

Rapidos..what Rapidos?! To use Fleischmann Profi instead makes a small difference:

(Note: these coaches have NEM sockets.)

And away we go cutting pastry!!

Goedel von Rapido
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