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I've been a member of the local club for a number of years now but I'm getting the impression that things here in NZ a vastly different to the UK clubs. Our club layout is intended to be permanent and because our members model all different kinds of railways the club layout could be described as "multicultural". As the only British Modeller who regularly turns up on construction nights I've been given a free hand to develop a "British" scene within the layout which also has American, European & New Zealand (of course) scenes. On public open days we encourage people to bring along their trains for a run and we've seen everthing from Trix Big Boys to Thomas and generally the whole place has a very friendly atmosphere.
We certainly welcome new members but we don't lean on them in any way, if they can only turn up once in a while then that's fine, we enjoy one anothers company mostly and talk for hours about stuff our work collegues could never understand, and if someone gets motivated we might even do some modelmaking.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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