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Club v Stand alone

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Is it worth belonging to a model railway club? Let the debate begin…..

Have you found the 'Club clique' extremely hard to break into?
I do wonder, as sometimes encountered, the 'old club members' who don't want newbie's or aren't to pleased to pass on their skills etc.
While the overall picture is one of gaining vast expertise from those who have been club members for many years, in reality often it is found that your efforts are scorned upon as being 'below club standards' etc.
You can often be placed under pressure to give up your weekends to help out with layout operations and use your car as a vehicle for club use in transporting layouts and members to from exhibitions etc.

As a 'stand alone' modeller one can gain information, expert advice and even watch demonstrations etc.
Magazines, books, videos/DVDs and the internet all offer a wealth of help guidance and knowledge.

What a stand alone doesn't have is first hand one to one debates, but even this is now taken care of via forums like this one!

So, is club life worth the hassle??
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I have been giving club membership some thought and there are 2 things which put me off joining the club which is local to me - time and money.

The way I view forums such as this is as a modern day version of a club - there are a bunch of people with a common interest coming together to help each other out.

The conclusion I have come to is that, for me at least, the use of internet forums and visits to exhibitions / layouts fits the bill for me.
Clubs still have a place and a role to fill. I do wonder when we will see the first forum railway at an exhibition tho. Now that would be an interesting concept.........
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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