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CMX cleaner

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what oo trains will pull a cmx rail cleaner
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Almost any of the newer, heavy models of diesels with central can motors and flywheels driving eight or more wheels will cope: my own usual choice is a pair of Heljan class 33s topping and tailing the track cleaning train. I can use just one of these locomotives, but if a leading locomotive encounters a dirty stretch of track before the track cleaner can get to it, it stands to reason that the train might grind to a sudden stop.

I did put up a video on YouTube showing my first runs with the CMX track cleaner, with both one and two locos at different times.

I also
1. Keep the tank full
2. put the fluid onto the pad direct makes better control

1. Beware couplings, I need a tension lock and use an adapted (I think) Dapol long tail version made to fit the CMX it is after all an American unit

Result = Does the job very well!
Some good advice there which I don't always follow - I should, though! :rolleyes:

Re couplings: I have two solutions, having left the Kadee types on the CMX cleaner.
One is to use the Heljan class 33/1 locos in my video, which have Kadees fitted for use with the Kernow 4TC units.
The second is to make up a works train that incorporates a couple of vehicles with tension locks at one end and Kadees at the other.

Both solutions work, it just depends on what I feel like running on the day.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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