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CMX cleaner

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what oo trains will pull a cmx rail cleaner
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I have used one for many years
1. I am all steam, favourite is a Bachman 9F
2. The Railroad P2 will do the jon
3. Heljan Garrett

most 8 coupled locos
I also
1. Keep the tank full
2. put the fluid onto the pad direct makes better control

1. Beware couplings, I need a tension lock and use an adapted (I think) Dapol long tail version made to fit the CMX it is after all an American unit

Result = Does the job very well!
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Couple of other issues
1. the pad roll I use both sides, fit as an off set so I can use it twice each side
2. the uk made pads are less long
3. Never use track magic as this coats wheels and then creates a lot of slipping shame really as it cleans the track excellently
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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