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Coach help

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Can anyone identify the coach behind the Fairburn as seen at the L&HR ?

Also is one available in OO gauge ?

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I think it was originally a Mk1 brake composite (BCK), the brake 1sts or 2nds would have a larger brake area. Bachmann may do this (with the original ends).

I visited the L&HR a few years back and I think this may be a conversion to provide a better environment for wheelchair users. They've also fitted extra steps to one side of each coach, as all their platforms are the same side. Many of the preserved railways seem to have hacked around Mk1s to make them more accessible.
On further checking I'm pretty sure it is a Mk1 BSO, the BCK has a toilet on the side shown between the compartments and the brake area. See for instance:

I also found this page which states that there is one such coach on the railway but doesn't give any more details:

And Google also found this thread about how there isn't one available in model form:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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